[GHVTX-1W] 25/200/400/800/1000mW Adjustable 5.8G IRC-Tramp VTX

The GHVTX-1W VTX is a 5.8G ISM band analog image transmission, which has the characteristics of stable output power, long transmission distance, strong power filter, and can ensure that the image has no snowflakes and no horizontal stripes under the maximum throttle. Use stackable installation, design M3 screw holes of 25.5×25.5mm. The image transmission supports IRC OSD adjustment, while retaining the button function, 5 power levels switchable.


1. 5 power switch, two independent red indicator lights, indicating 25/200/400/800/1000mW.

2. The frequency point uses 6 LEDs to display 40 channel values.

3. Support OSD parameter adjustment.

4. Power input supports up to 27V, output 5V/2A, low ripple, small interference.

5. The image transmission will not be burned if the antenna is not installed and powered on.

6. Light weight: 3.6g (not including antenna and plug cable).


1. Input voltage: DC 7V-27V (2-6S) / DC 5V
3. Output voltage: DC 5V 2A
4. Power switching: 25/200/400/800/1000mW
5. Signal channels: 40CH
6. Frequency point switching: Manual button / IRC OSD
7. Antenna interface: IPEX UFL
8. Overall dimensions: 40x40mm
9. Hole distance: 25.5×25.5mm, M3

Wire Diagram:
Camera power supply (5V)
Input power supply (7-27V)

LED indication: L1-L6 for Channel, P1-P2 for Power

Frequency adjustment:
FR button to switch channels, 6 LEDs indicate channels.
Default channel 5865

Power switching
POW button Power adjustment.
Pitmode: Set to Pitmode via OSD Control.
Default is 25MW.