[ IF412V ] AIO F4 FC+12A ESC+200mW VTX Manual

# Ultra tiny, advanced PCB layout and super light.
# Reliable performance without overheating ESC mosfets or smoking whoops!
# Most powerful micro design with all the performance it needs.
# 2-4S input voltage and 12A ESC continous current!
# 4-corner soft mount pattern to reduce noise and damp impacts.
# Well arranged hardware and strategically placed gyroscope, aimed to fly not to fix!
# Max 200mW VTX power output on the UFL antenna port.
# 2-4S ESC with current sensing on the market!

[ IF412V-FC ]

Size: 28.5×28.5mm
Input Voltage: 2S-4S
Installing Hole: 25.5×25.5mm/M3
MCU: F411
Gyro: ICM20689
OSD: AT7456E
Blackbox: 8MB
Barometer: N/A
LED: Yes
Buzzer: Yes
BEC: 5V/2A
Uart: 2x UART ports
INA Pad: n Uart2
Motor Support: 4
Telemetry: Yes
Softserial: Yes
Current Meter: Yes
Current Scale: 210
Firmware Target: STM32F411 (4.0.2)
CLI Config: IFLIGHT_F411_PRO.config
Weight: 6.1g
if using BF 3.5.8 or lower version, please input following CLI for buzzer:
set beeper_inversion=ON
set beeper_od=OFF


[ FC Diagram ]

IF412V Diagram-1
IF412V Diagram-2
IF412V Diagram-3

[ IF412V-ESC ]
Size: 28.5×28.5mm
Installing Hole: 25.5×25.5mm/M3
BLHeli: BLHeli_S
Continuous current: 12A
Peak Current: 13A(3 seconds)
Telemetry: N/A
Input Voltage: 2S-4S
Protocol: PWM, Oneshot125, Multishot, DShot150/300/600, etc.
Firmware Target: G-H-30 BLS 16.7

[ IF412V-VTX ]

Size: 26x19mm
Input Voltage: 5V
Installing Hole: N/A
Antenna: IPEX(UFL)
OSD Protocol: IRC Tramp
Power: Pit/25/100/200mW
Channel: 48CH
Weight: 2g

[ VTX Frequency Table ]
IF412V Frequency Table