EWRF 5.8G AV TX OSD Setting EWRF 5.8G Audio/Video transmitters work well with several other commonly used Betaflight/Cleanflight FCs when using OSD setting. Almost all F3 and F4 targets (except for those with integrated VTX) are supported. Below is the guide on how to use OSD setting to change your AV transmitter’s parameters. EWRF 5.8G VTXs only support setting of bands, channels, power and Pitmode at the present.
EWRF e7087U Quick User Guide PDF Manual Please click here 1. LED indication The red LED indicates the state of working mode or the item when setting the VTX(flashing 1 time means selecting the channels, flashing 2 times means selecting the bands, flashing 3 times means selecting the power levels). The blue LED indicates the state of Pitmode or the value of item when setting the VTX( e.g. when selecting the channels, 3 times of flashing means channel 3. When selecting the bands, 3 times of flashing means band C.As for the item of power levels,3 times of flashing means…
Brand Name: EWRF Item Name: e7087U VTX Main Features -Adjustable 4 modes:25mW/100mW/200mW/OFF -Betaflight/Cleanflight OSD configuring parameter -Support SBUS configuring parameter -Clean powerup and channel switching without interference to others -Miniature and light weight design English Manual for EWRF e7087U, Click Here PDF Manual Please click here Specifications of EWRF e7087U: Frequency: 5.8G Channel: 48CH Transmitting Power: 25mW/100mW/200mW/OFF(Pitmode) Power Supply: DC5V(Special Edition) Weight: 2.2g(Including antenna weight 0.8g) Size: Design for RunCam MicroSwift/Caddx F2/Turtle Frequency Table Note: - Make sure that there is enough space for airflow when installing the module on the drone in case the overheating protection starts to reduce…

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