# Ultra tiny, advanced PCB layout and super light. # Reliable performance without overheating ESC mosfets or smoking whoops! # Most powerful micro design with all the performance it needs. # 2-4S input voltage and 12A ESC continous current! # 4-corner soft mount pattern to reduce noise and damp impacts. # Well arranged hardware and strategically placed gyroscope, aimed to fly not to fix! # Max 200mW VTX power output on the UFL antenna port. # 2-4S ESC with current sensing on the market! [ IF412V-FC ] Size: 28.5x28.5mm Input Voltage: 2S-4S Installing Hole: 25.5x25.5mm/M3 MCU: F411 Gyro: ICM20689 OSD:…
EWRF 5.8G AV TX OSD Setting EWRF 5.8G Audio/Video transmitters work well with several other commonly used Betaflight/Cleanflight FCs when using OSD setting. Almost all F3 and F4 targets (except for those with integrated VTX) are supported. Below is the guide on how to use OSD setting to change your AV transmitter’s parameters. EWRF 5.8G VTXs only support setting of bands, channels, power and Pitmode at the present.

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