General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site General Receiver Binding Manual-HBFPV Official Site


[ General Binding Procedure ]

1. Select the correct model in your transmitter.
2. Power on your transmitter.
3. Lower the throttle fully.
4. Power the quadcopter on while pressing the bind button on your receiver(except for DSMX).
5. Follow the procedures of your specific transmitter to enter Bind Mode.
6. The receiver LED glows solid indicating binding was successful.
If you encounter problems, obey binding instructions and refer to the troubleshooting guide for other instructions.

About Failsafe
General micro or tiny receivers do not have failsafe capabilities. Failsafe is detected at the flight controller. In the event of a loss of signal to the receiver the flight controller will cut power to the motors to prevent a fly-away situation.

How to bind your FrSky Taranis

The following steps are the actual binding procedures for the OpenTX Taranis series of radios:
1.Power off your quadcopter (RX) and power on your Taranis.
2.Press the Menu button on the Taranis to activate the Model Selection page.
3.Select an un-used model and press Page.
4.Optionally select and enter a name for your new quadcopter.
5.Using the +/- buttons, scroll to the bottom of the menu to Internal RF | Mode.
Select D8 or D16 according to your receiver version.
6.Scroll down to [Bind] using the – button. Press the ENT button on your TX to enable binding mode.
Your Taranis should begin making an intermittent chirping noise.
7.Find the physical push button on your RX. It is most often next to the LED that turns on when it is powered up.
On the XM+ it is very small and near the antenna. This is the Failsafe button.
8.Press and hold the Failsafe button while powering up your receiver/quadcopter.
This can take more than two hands, so you may need to have some help.
9.When the receiver powers up, you should see a solid green light and a blinking red light. This indicates success.
Any other light scheme means you likely have a problem, you should try the process again or consult the FrSky manual.
10.On the Taranis, press ENT to exit bind mode. Press EXIT several times to go back to the home page.
11.Power your receiver/quadcopter back on. Verify that it is showing a solid green light, indicating that it is successfully communicating
with the radio. If your RX supports telemetry, you should see radio signal telemetry show up on your transmitter.

How to bind your Spektrum

As a quick note, the place to type is at the bottom of the screen, not on the grey screen itself.
*Within the CLI type:
*set spektrum_sat_bind = 9 - for DSMX
*set spektrum_sat_bind = 5 - for DSM2
*Type save, your flight controller will now reboot. Once it has rebooted, remove the USB cable to power off the flight controller.
*After a second, reconnect the USB cable and your receiver should flash (indicating it is in bind mode)
*Turn on your R/C controller while holding the bind button (on the controller).
*Once the binding is complete, the LED on the receiver should stop blinking.
*Now connect back to BetaFlight and you can confirm it is bound by going to the receiver tab, and you should see the bars moving when you move your R/C controller sticks.
*Now you need to turn off bind mode on your receiver.
*To do this go back to the CLI and type set spektrum_sat_bind = 0
*Type save to apply the settings. The board will reboot and now have completed the binding process!

How to bind your nanoRX

1. Just power up the TBS CROSSFIRE transmitter
2. On the standard transmitter, enter the configuration menu by pressing and holding the joystick for
3 seconds, select “General” and “Binding” - a message “Binding” will start blinking, waiting for the receiver. On the micro transmitter,
a short press on the button will initiate binding mode.
3. Now, power up the receiver (without pressing the Bind button!), if your receiver has not been previously bound, it will automatically bind.
Otherwise, press and release the “BIND” button on the receiver to initiate binding. On the receiver is a timeout of one minute for after
power up to enter bind mode. If the status LED will start blinking slowly the receiver has switched successfully to bind mode.
4. Within a few seconds the process will finish with a “Binding complete” message on the standard transmitter, or a solid green LED on the
micro transmitter. The receiver has now stored the unique serial number of that particular CROSSFIRE transmitter. If it doesn’t bind, please verify that your firmware is to the newest version on both the receiver and the transmitter.